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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello there welcome to the news hour i'm live from the headquarters in doha and coming up in the next 60 minutes egypt ousted president morsi put to death for a prison break that happened four years ago. [gunfire] iraq sends in reenforcements to take on i.s.i.l. fighters in the city of ramadi. growing concerns in burundi about revenge attacks after a failed coup.
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plus. i'm erica woods on south africa's western cape coast and fishing and oil spills put the continent species of penguin at the risk of extinction. ♪ an egyptian court sentenced former president mohamed morsi to death, the verdict relates from a mass jail break in 2011 during the revolution that topped mubark and he and others escaped and more than 100 others have also been sentenced to death and tried. the case will now go to the grand egypt's highest authority and if he agrees with sentence he can hand the case back to trial judge. the former president facing several other charges include conspiring to spy and commit acts of terrorism in egypt see
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that peninsula with hamas and hezbollah anicka tar that supported the government and morsi accused of fraud with economic and social programs and insulted for accusing a judge of overseeing election fraud. morsi denies all those allegations and let's talk more about the death sentence now and we have a fellow in residence of the graduate school of journalism in new york a former managing editor and joins me in the studio and death sentence what is your reaction to that was that the expected sentence for mohamed morsi? >> definitely, it was expected and i believe that most of the people expected such sentence to come out. >> it's not the end of the matter because it will go before the grand mufdi, if he says he doesn't agree with it what happens then? >> well according to the egyptian constitution the
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decision of the grand mufdi is not mandatory so it's not compelling to the judiciary. but then again, i mean it could be a safe exit for the judiciary to back off such grass mass sentence, death sentence. >> do you think this sentence against mohamed morsi will have an impact on muslim brotherhood or are they too weak now to make any kind of protests? >> i do not recall the number of death sentences so far, you know, that has been an issue so far during the last two years. so i believe that it's just another mass death sentence but then again the most important thing is to discuss in details
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the grounds on which people can refute such horrible sentence. >> well this is the huge concern, isn't it you mentioned the mass death sentences, it seems that court cases are happening all the time in egypt where there are numerous people sentenced together on mass to death after a very short hearing. >> it's not only about the mass death sentences, being customary in egyptian courts during the last two years but in this specific case there are many legal grounds to refute this bad verdict. i mean for example, i mean, the judiciary itself the court itself is unconstitutional because according to the constitution of 2012 and even the most resent one issued after sisi took over as a president
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there is a special court for the president, the parliament has to endorse an impeachment with two-thirds majority and according to this impeachment a special formation of court has to be set up headed by the head of the president of the court of casation and membership of the longest serving ditiety of the supreme court and none of this happened. also many other things like this testimony given by the former chief of staff, attorney general annan during the trial of mobark former p when he negated all allegations about hamas and crossing over the borders and breaking to free the prisoners. there are many legal grounds to refute this mass death sentence. >> interesting stuff thank you
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very much indeed for speaking with us in the studio. >> thank you. now to iraq where the army has sent extra soldiers to the city of ramadi as they try to push out islamic state of iraq and levante and i.s.i.l. in control of 90% of ramadi the capitol of anbar and give the group a stronghold 100 kilometers from baghdad. on friday aisles fightered carried out 20 suicide attacks and violence forced many to flee ramadi. over 100,000 have now been displaced in the last month alone. elsewhere in anbar i.s.i.l. carried out three suicide attacks targeting a joint shia base and 25 died when they rigged the main gates of the post and i.s.i.l. in control of most of the province cynne simpson since last year and dana has more from baghdad. >> reporter: reaction to i.s.i.l. take over of the government compound in ramadi.
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the iraqi prime minister abadi acknowledged this was a military defeat for the iraqi government but at the same time he did promise a tough response and he did promise to recapture this territory. he did receive a phone call from the u.s. vice president joe biden, america is promising to send more weapons but the u.s. which is leading the coalition against i.s.i.l. played down the significance of i.s.i.l.'s gains in ramadi and believe they are still on offensive anti -- iraq and what can the government do and they still decide on who is going to wage the battle in anbar and in early april they announced a military campaign to recapture the western province, the regular forces are too weak and if the government sends in iran backed shia malitia it will cause tension and leaders in
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anbar are advising against it and they want weapons and want to wage this battle alone but politicians in baghdad are reluctant to do that and believe that the sunni tribes are sympathetic with i.s.i.l. while we still don't know who will wage this battle, what the government plans to do and civilians are trapped in the conflict residents have been fleeing ramadi and there are real fears that i.s.i.l. will punish and kill those who were cooperating with the government. so dire situation for the people inside and clearly no clear strategy by the iraqi government on how to recapture ramadi and, in fact, we capture the whole province where i.s.i.l. really has the upper ground. well we have an iraqi parliament member and joins us live from baghdad and thank you very much for speaking with us. if ramadi falls to i.s.i.l. completely, how damaging is that going to be for iraq's government?
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>> thank you very much and you know as we know i.s.i.l., they attack ramadi and in early april and they took men and neighborhoods near ramadi and but the downturn of ramadi, it was not occupied. yesterday they start a huge attack very aggressive attack and they took over this all ramadi center and the government compound, the police station, so i think if ramadi fall down this will be very dangerous to the iraqi government, that means they will have direct way from syrian border until the border of baghdad because they will -- now they are already in fallujah
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and they are already in fallujah also so they will have a direct way. >> why is it proving so difficult for the iraqi army to tackle i.s.i.l.? >> i think there is no serious -- no serious action from the iraqi government to i.s.i.l. in anbar and you know the solution is not only military solution. we need behind the military solution. we need political solution. with the local people with the sunni community. as you know when we formed the government we agree on several points to be executed after the government formation. one from the most important point is the national
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reconciliation and the formation of the national guards. the national guard that means we can hire more local people to join their security forces. these local security forces they can fight with the iraqi army with the iraqi police. >> but a lot of the local people, a lot of the local people don't trust iraqi government and also don't trust the shia malitias who have come in and saying that the iraqi government is now controlled by iran. >> and listen to me, this is i think i mean some of confusion. it's not the local people they don't trust the iraqi government. the iraqi government they don't trust their local people.
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the local people they are a victim now. they are the victim for i.s.i.l. the first victim of i.s.i.l. are the local body who fled now and don't have no where to go and no where to live they don't have something to eat. so it's not a question of there is a miscommunication between the iraqi government and the local government. there is miss trust also between the central government and the local people. the iraqi government, they have the weapons. it's not the local people that have weapons. iraqi government they have the weapons but still they after training of almost 9,000 people from and varied people and trained by the u.s. advisor and assad air base but still until now and to today there is no weapons, no one gives them weapons to fight.
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so how you want their local people to fight and they don't have weapons. i think iraqi government has to trust the local people, has to create some kind of a trustable network between their local people and their iraqi government and help them, help them and take it from them guarantees to fight because know if we stay now we are in the front of a big humanitarian crisis and in addition to the military crisis now we are under big humanitarian crisis. >> you make a very interesting point. >> humanitarian. >> absolutely, there is a huge number of people displaced from ramadi and we will have to leave it there, thank you very much indeed for joining us iraqi member of parliament there in
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baghdad. >> just one minute, just one minute if it's possible. >> we really don't have a minute. i would like to get your thoughts in more detail but i'm afraid we have run out of time. >> and always when we talk about the humanitarian crisis no one wants to listen to us and this is not fair. this is a responsibility for the international community. >> indeed. >> these people they don't have any crimes. they didn't do any crimes against anyone. >> indeed okay. >> united nations and international community, they have to be responsible. the international media have to raise this issue. >> indeed, very good points there, we really really are going to have to leave it there but thank you very much indeed for making a point. we do appreciate it. more to come here on the al jazeera news hour why mali rebels have backed out of a
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peace deal with the government. indonesia helps migrants who made it ashore and says it won't take in any more refugees. plus. i'm ronald in doha at the start of a new diamond league season and once again the rugs that are casting a long shadow over this sort of athletics. ♪ dozens of people have been killed in the southern yemen city with fighters on both sides ignoring a humanitarian ceasefire. u.n. and gulf envoy with yemen tribesmen are set to met on riyad on sunday and houthi rebels won't be attendingly and viewers may find i'm analyzes in kim's report disturbing. >> reporter: these children are the survivors of shelling in the southern city, forces loyal to the deposed president saleh are
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blamed and claims and counterclaims of yemen's war are escalating. despite this yemen's third biggest city is spared. fighters loyal to president hadi along untrained locals try to stop houthi advances street by street. they say the houthis are taking advantage of a pause in saudi led air strikes launching attacks of the foothills of the southern mountains. the same allegation is being made here. there pro-hadi fight sing conviction and show the camera what they say are responses to aggression. >> translator: the houthi breached the alleged truce. they have attacked us with heavy weapons and tanks but with god's help we will stand up to them until we expel them from all of
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yemen. >> reporter: in the southern city of aiden pro-hadi fighters pushing back houthis and eager to show their strength. military advances worry civilians but the immediate concern is aid. the u.n. is calling on the saudi-led coalition to stop delaying aid deliveries with long inspections. >> translator: the aid is to help displaced and victims all over the republic the main goal is to boost the strategic reserve to replace the need of the displaced. >> reporter: that is because the need is great. food water, medicine and electricity are in short supply. and with the ceasefire due to expire on sunday night, time is running out. kim with al jazeera. let's look at the humanitarian crisis in yemen in detail and u.n. says more than 1500 people have been killed since the saudi-led coalition began air strikes nearly two months ago.
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nearly half a million yemen people have been displaced. the u.n. says the truce has helped those in need but it is concerned that progress has been very slow. let's get more from sammy, he is a spokesman for islamic relief in yemen and joins me now via skype in sanaa and sammy thank you very much indeed for joining us and tell us about the aid that your group is distributing who is it helping, where is it going? >> i would like to thank you al jazeera english for giving me a chance to highlight the humanitarian situation in yemen and most of the people and media outlets speak about war particularly. this is a phase talking about humans. we are talking about our work as humanitarian organization working yemen since 1998 and response to the humanitarian situation islamic relief has
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launched appeal to the family offices. across europe, america, asia, south africa and israel. the organization humanitarian plan will be helping over 2.5 million people across yemen amounting to a value of 100 million projects in food supplies livelihood water and nutrition. >> sammy, many people are not getting the aid that they need because it seems to be very difficult to reach some people what are the problems in getting aid to those people who most need it? >> all right if we talk about the challenges that we usually face it will be first in the ongoing conflict and the security situation, and the difficult challenges like transportation companies might refuse to send their trucks due to the insecurity and the
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viability of fuel. air, sea spaces are still restricted except for the five days humanitarian and access to areas which has the most horrible conflicts like sanaa and aiden, those are the most challenges that we usually face in our -- in delivering our humanitarian aid and food. >> sammy, thank you very much indeed for giving us an update on the situation there sammy from islamic relief speaking to us from sanaa there. to syria where i.s.i.l. appears to be closing in on the ancient city of palmira and shelling is targeting on the outskirts of the world heritage site and they have sent reenforcements to the area and they will open the road to damascus and homs. burundi's president insists
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peace has returned to the country after failed attempt to overthrow him, and he is deficient for a third term in office sparked weeks of violent protests and said life the back to normal and urged the community to support his government. >> translator: we ask the world to be friends of burundi because if they stop supporting it it will be like they are opening doors to trouble. that will strengthen people who want to seize pour by force and brings pour that is not democratic and refuse to acknowledge the voice of the people it will bring war, poverty and other atrocities we have seen in the country. in the capitol people fear reprisals after doctors accuse the police of entering a hospital and shooting injured fighters and malcolm web has more. >> reporter: soldier came to hospital injured and had been fighting for leaders of burundi attempted coup. then after the coup leaders
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announced it had failed doctors say police came here and shot the injured men. >> we have three questions and it was here, after that moment we see a group of policemen arrive here and they began to shoot everywhere and began to look for those specials. >> reporter: out on the streets some protesters try to block after hearing about the coup's failure but quickly dispersed with gunfire. on wednesday the military taker was initially popular among demonstrators but since it failed many now think it has made things worse for them. >> translator: this whole coup is something they came up with by themselves. we don't agree with general because he came from the same party. they fought together and did a lot of things together and then he came here tried to talk to
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people about the demonstrations things we didn't want to hear about. >> reporter: but most of the streets in the capitol were quiet with loyalists, police and soldiers in control. after the coup attempt fighters loyal to the president attacked and burned independent t.v.s and radios. now the only radio and t.v. on air is a state broadcasters controlled by the government. when president zizi returned to the capitol with supporters welcomed him but the activists who had been organizing the process for a third term and many are in hiding or fled the country and government says those in the attempted coup will go on trial. activists are still calling for more protests on monday against the third term and burundi's political crisis is far from over.
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malcolm web, al jazeera. we have a researcher at the nordic africa institute and joins us from sweden and good to have you with us angela will we see a new round of violence and appraisal attacks in burundi as the alleged coup leaders are punished? >> people have great reason to fear and as malcolm reported there are fears of reprisal attacks. i know that a number of independent journalists have reported that they need to go into hiding and perhaps what is most worrying is that the government under this that is now responsible for meeting out some form of judicial process, that should be fair and non-arbitrary and i know that opposition leaders are also fearing that they will be arrested or held accountable for the attempted coup.
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>> what do you think he is going to do now? is he going to hold elections? >> i think he has got every reason to want to hold elections. i'm aware that external support, for example, belgium has suspended its funding for electoral process pending a more sort of democratic peaceful environment on the ground. the fact that belgium suspended funding now would be worrying to him. but i think he has every desire and interest most likely to go ahead and try and have elections. but i would be surprised if they were free and fair >> i wanted to ask you about the fact that unicef is saying something like 100,000 people most of them women and children have now fled burundi and heading to neighboring countries like rwanda and tanzinia and is
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there a refugee crisis of what is going on in burundi? >> it's a crisis directly related to the political situation inside the country. many people started to leave well before the announcement of the third term for him which was on april 25th. those numbers have slowly climbed and i think now they are really climbing quite rapidly. so people are worried about violence intimidation and harassment around the elections and particularly around this third term debate or yeah quandary. >> thank you very much for that and good to get your thoughts and angela speaking to us from sweden and time for the weather and is this typhoon another super typhoon? >> no, it will not reach the category and different place than the other typhoon and with
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the typhoon season and look at satellite pictures and most are formed further in the pacific and keep away from mainland masses and this didn't but dolphin has and closer inspection passing through guam and no visible eye and the islands outlined in pink and bigger context and look at the blue disk and compare it above my head and it's rains across china setting in and similar sort of size. this is of course a different thing typhoon and when it passed guam it was gusting 65 miles per hour and 80 millimeters of rain it's a lot but we have seen much worse. since then it's got a bit bigger and developed a visible eye and drifts to the northwest and now it's a category four typhoon and staying out at sea and it's turning right going past here and, in fact, three day's time and should stay well away from japan as it carries on in that direction. now i mentioned the rains in
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comparison in china, this is spring rains and plumb rains in many places it's called that and produces flooding because you get typically 70 80 160 millimeters of rain and results is be devastated or can be fun, take your pick. eventually they are useful. >> rob thanks very much for that. do stay with us on the news hour, still to come we are in southeast mexico to find out the truth behind the killing of 22 people who surrendered to police. plus. i'm charlie at the cann film festival where amid the hollywood hype palestinian films performing well. attack could leave a lasting sting for couples in argentina, we will have details coming up, in sport. ♪
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♪ welcome back you are with al jazeera news hour i have reminder of top stories egyptian court sentenced former president mohamed morsi to death for mass jail break in 2011 during revolution that toppled mubarak and they will decide whether to confirm verdict. soldiers to ramadi as they try to crush or push out islamic state of iraq and levante and control the government compound in the city which is the capitol of the country's largest province anbar. burundi's president insists he has returned to the country after attempt to overthrow him failed, the doctor accused the police of shooting injured
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soldiers treated in a hospital in the capitol. thailand, malaysia and indonesia turning away boats full of migrants despite u.n. call to rescue those drift on sea and many are fleeing ethnic violence and say they are not a genuine group and wrongly implies they are illegal immigrants from bangladesh and indonesia and others are not part of it and do not recognize them as asylum seekers and three countries do not want waves of migrants burdening social and economic services. the european union, the association of southeast asia nations is not integrated body of its own or mechanism to deal with migrant crisis. on friday they rescued more than 7 # -- 700 treated at sea.
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>> reporter: they were on the boat for three months and their condition is very weak and they are at a temporary shelter after being rescued by fishermen and the navy has rejected them but actions is authorities are helping them feeding them and giving them medical assistance. fears and great relief when they finally manage to call their families and tell them they they are alive. they were very lucky they met the fishermen first before indonesia navy because indonesia navy says until now they will send away every boat that will answer and give humanitarian assistance but it will not accept them here. it's hard to imagine the ordeal the people went through, three months on a boat bringing their smallest children on this horrific and very dangerous journey where they were facing fighting and facing hunger and facing thirst and now they are
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facing a very uncertain future here in indonesia. the u.s. has urged thailand to consider sheltering state muslims and the thai prime minister warned allowing migrants would take away jobs from thai and we have an update from bangkok. >> reporter: there may be as many as 8,000 people on boats right across the sea and straits but one particular boat that has been the focus of media attention and international attention is one that the royal thai navy found off the coast of the province. you will remember the pictures of thai helicopters dropping food packets to the 380 people on board. as food was delivered, the people spoke of the immense deprivation they suffered and run out of food and water ten days previously and spoke about how one person mad ended by grief had thrown themselves
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overboard and two more people were dying of starvation. we have now heard that on board there are three particular men whose families are in refugee camps in bangladesh and have taken it upon themselves to write to the thai government and plead for the thai government to rescue them and save lives. this is a situation though that is spread right across this crisis. indeed, one official from the international organization of migration has said if something isn't done urgently we will have boats full of dead people. rebels in south sudan launched a large scale attack on northern town here. this appears to be a counter attack against a resent government offensive in the region. assault began on friday with rebels crossing the white nile river on boats and the capitol
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of oil rich state changed hands several times since civil war broke out in december 2013. mali's led rebels have backed out of signing peace accord with group and other armed groups and signed a preliminary deal and want greater autonomy in the north and gerald has details. >> reporter: decisive step to its stability in mali. the president and several african dignitaries were there to witness the accord but the rebels, the very groups who hold the key to peace boycotted. [applause] those who attended down played the absence saying the process was moving forward. >> translator: it's a historic day for mali and the country and salute solidarity of the international community and stood by mali and the population in the north who suffered for
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three years now. the fighting for greater autonomy in the north and stronghold of supporters denounced the agreement which the rebel coalition provisionally approved in algeria. >> translator: we are against the algeria deal and ready to fight to the day of our victory. >> translator: we don't accept the signature, it's not in our interest, the needs are not being met and don't want it. >> reporter: continuing fighting in northern mali has drought under the peace process. on friday the forces exchanged fire with pro-government groups in the town here and separatists have shown just what they are capable of they seized control the northern two thirds of mali during a military coup in 2012 and boycott of the peace deal is further proof that they have not abandon the struggle for self determination. gerald tan, al jazeera.
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boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has been sentenced to death for his role in the 2013 attack which killed three people. a jury in the u.s. state of massachusetts made the decision after more than 14 hours of deliberations over three days. the jurors only other option was life in prison without the possibility of release. the u.s. secretary of state is taking a tough stance on beijing's building of islands in disputed waters in south china see and john kerry is meeting with leaders there and we have more. >> reporter: mr. kerry's message has been missed he shows restraint in the south china sea in the interest of regional stability. the obama administration has been alarmed by the dramatic expansion of artificial islands in the south china sea. now aerial photographs in resent months have shown evidence of chinese dredging and reclamation
6:38 am
work going around some islands as well as evidence potentially of a runway being built. now, the united states is worried that some of these islands could be used to station missile systems but in turn could be used to enforce an exclusion zone should beijing wish to do so. now almost all of the south china sea is claimed by beijing but this area also contains some of the world's busyist shipping lanes and the united states is worried about freedom of navigation in the south china sea. so mr. kerry has come here with essentially a very blunt message and that is to pull back, to halt construction work that has been going on. now, in resent days the obama administration has spoken darkly about the need to send u.s. ships and war planes to the south china sea to potentially challenge beijing's sovereignty claims. beijing has reacted angry to that saying that it won't be passive in the face of such and
6:39 am
will defend sovereignty. it also points out other rival claimants to the islands in the south china sea have been doing the same thing, namely philippines and vietnam and washington has been silent in the face of that action proving that washington is guilty of what it says is a cold war, knee-jerk mentality. mexico will pay more than $3 million in compensation to the relatives of criminal suspects who killed by soldiers last year, human rights investigation found government troops shot the suspects after they surrendered and john has more in southeast mexico. >> reporter: the town is buried deep in the mexican countryside that few had heard of it before the killings of last june. soldiers shot dead 22 people in the shootout with gang members the army said and authorities praised their victory over
6:40 am
organized crime. >> translator: the army acted bravely and managed to rescue three kidnapped people, one soldier was injured but the army defended itself legitimately and killed the criminals. >> reporter: it became obvious that the army wasn't telling the whole truth. this is the warehouse where the incident took place and these are the blood spattered bullet holes that indicate that something more than just a haphazard shoot out took place here and they are chest height and at close range and subsequent investigations found that the army lined up and executed 12-15 people here after they laid down their weapons and surrendered. now the government said it will pay compensation of over $3 million to be shared by the survivors and victims' families. it's the biggest payout by the armed forces since they were deployed to combat mexico's violent cartels.
6:41 am
since then complaints of human rights abuses and torture have mounted against them. >> translator: they decided that the army and navy should do the job of the police but they have not changed the soldiers' education. they have to teach them to respect the citizens and hear and understand that people have rights. >> reporter: more than 2000 people have asked to be part of the government's national victims' register looking for recognition and compensation for human rights abuses by authorities. but many more cases go unnoticed says francisco who lives across the road from the warehouse where the killings took place. >> translator: you only see the big cases but there have been other shootouts in the region with two or three dead but do not appear in the press and they don't have the same power. >> reporter: he was the only
6:42 am
person we found who would talk to us in flat liar and others said speaking out meant risking retribution from government forces or organized crime. in this violent area many people still don't know who they can trust. john holdman with al jazeera. they set two buses on fire in a shanty town in rio and violent protests in the past week after they found the bodies of two taxi drivers and both men were reportedly stabbed to death. still to come on the news hour former u.s. presidential candidate mitt romney takes up a new fight coming up in sport with jeb. ♪
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♪ welcome back, now black comedy about life in the gaza strip is turning heads at the cann film festival and movies have a strong internationally but often rely on foreign funding and we report from cann. >> reporter: set in a hair salon in gaza it's a story of 12 women and how they unravel over the course of a day trapped inside because of a lion on the loose and hamas forces have the salon surrounded. >> small scene. >> reporter: a black comedy said the identical twin brothers who directed the film and born in gaza decided to be film
6:45 am
makers despite never going to cinema. >> for us government is like something beautiful and for this we have the idea of the salon because the idea of the salon like to go there is to become beautiful to cut your hair and talk about many things and have relay relation with the life. >> reporter: dark humor is a reoccurring in the films and time remains is a particularly good example. >> translator: its director says where there is despair humor is often the last resort. winner of many international awards himself he is excited by the talent and drive he sees in
6:46 am
the next generation. >> i get teased when i see a good palestinian film because it's another chance to get liberated and it's fighting poetic and that is something the israelis cannot really you know arrest. >> reporter: cann is known for launching careers and while the flashy hollywood movies backed by big bucks command lots of attention the festival is fascinated by the talent coming from the middle east. >> lebanon, palestine and israel is extraordinary. you have such a number of very good major men and women. >> reporter: palestinian films often stand out from the crowd here at cann two years ago omar won a jury prize for the line up and challenges for palestinian film makers it's alive and
6:47 am
well. let's get the sport. the international track and field season is underway with the open diamond league meet in doha on friday and in a year it has already seen two drug travestys and athletes is behind in public trust and credibility and presents a big challenge and vying to become president of the sport and rual reports. >> reporter: the diamond league is back and with the enthusiastic crowds of the season open ner doha and line up that had olympic gold winners, the sport of athletics is still trying to deal with two of the biggest doping scandals to hit it in resent years. last december a german television documentary accused the government of funding a systematic doping program with their athletes and similar to east germany back in the 1970s
6:48 am
and earlier this year three time boston winner was banned for doping and 19th athlete. some fear the systematic nature of the russian and kenya cases could result in track and field going the way of cycling during the lance armstrong era but speaking to al jazeera earlier this week the current double olympic champion is still positive about his sport. >> the sport has improved quite a lot in terms of what it was before and it's great to see what we are doing as a british athlete, for us we do one hour slot no matter where you are in the world you have to give in and if we apply same rules to what we are doing but it's changing a lot. >> reporter: the issue will be one of the main challenges facing the new president of the athletic governing body the iiif and he is one of two candidates
6:49 am
hoping to replace diak when he steps down in august. >> we must continue to educate educate athletes and parents and work very very hard and very tough and everyone should understand it will be no excuse to anyone. it will be strong and serious policy to clean sport and not accept any jitters. >> reporter: vote will take place in beijing in august following the world athletic championships and one man with high hopes of winning in beijing is american sprinter justin and he was a stand out performance on friday and winning 9.74 seconds, the 6th quickest of all time and battling of course twice in the career as doping, al jazeera with doha. facing expulsion from the tour after their match with fierce rivals and suspended and governing body of south american
6:50 am
futbol opened discipline proceedings after fans appeared to pepper spray the opposition players and daniel reports from buenos aires. >> reporter: any game between junior is tense and hard sport but the bitter rivalry between these two buenos aires joints has never sunk this low. the last 16 cup and suspended after river players were blinded by pepper spray. and shows a fan cutting through the metal fence. they tore in the protective tunnel to catch river players as they emerged for the second half. then followed merely two hours of negotiation and indecision before the game was suspended. the players stranded on the pitch. >> translator: what happened was an act of aggression aggression directed at players, this causes such shame for argentina and shame for us as well we are not going to stop.
6:51 am
>> reporter: words will be spoken and all have been heard before and there will be an investigation and cause for the juniors to be strongly punished but few involved in argentina futbol the police or the futbol association are taking responsibility for the corruption, the poor safety procedures, or the growing number of deaths. the passion of futbol fans is well-known, most simply want to watch the game. >> translator: there are a few who cause problems but we all end up paying the price, the club and the players. >> translator: i believe we should replay the match behind closed doors but the game should be played and may be thrown out for the cup but i believe they should keep playing. >> reporter: argentina has already suspended this week's domestic futbol fixtures for the
6:52 am
death of a freak accident in the death of a young minor league player but violence here is indemeanoric involving organized supporters known as the brava. >> translator: the truth is it's difficult to see a solution. and as a political solution. we also live in a society which is going down hill and where the laws are increasingly ignored. >> reporter: argentina continues to produce great futbollers but they play with corruption and violence which seems to get worse, buenos aires. his coach described him as pure liverpool but on saturday captain steven will play his final home match for the english premier club and has been with liverpool for 17 years but will quickly at the end of the season to see out his career in major league soccer and the mid fielder knows it's going to be
6:53 am
an emotional good-bye. >> i have been dreading this moment in a strange way because i'm going to miss it so much you know playing out field and playing in front of the fans and miss playing with my teammates so it will be emotional with society but together stage on and try and avoid the tears. i don't know. the golden state warriors through to the nba western conference final and came from 15 points behind to beat the memphis grizzlies in game six to get the series and atlanta hawks are through to the eastern conference final the first time since 1970 after claiming a 4-2 series win over the washington wizards and thought they stored a game tying three pointer in the final second to force over time and the buzzer beater was out with video replies showing the ball left his hands too late. atlanta 94-91 winners and the
6:54 am
next will face lebron james and cavaliers in game one on wednesday. a hole in one is always cause for celebration in golf but he had extra reasons at the spanish open. the defending champion aced the par three 8th hole to equal european tour record for most holes in one. he and montgomery have nine each. and the collected 288 bottles of beer from a sponsor as a reward. boxing has had miss matches in its history but few can compete with this in salt lake city having failed to land the u.s. presidency mitt romney to cut the fight with five time heavy weight champion holly field and had a height advantage and not much else in favor and threw in the towel in the second round, it was all done for charity.
6:55 am
that's all the sport for now. joe, thanks very much indeed for that. now, oil spills and overfishing are threatening to kill off african native species of penguin. in the past century penguins declined by 90%, five years ago the bird was classified as endangered and erica woods has been to the western cape to see what has been done to save them. >> this is a penguin hospital a place where distressed injured or often birds come to rehabilitation. in 2014 we admitted 972 penguin chicks. >> reporter: some of the facility near cape town are being nursed back to health others are permanent residents like skipper and will never return to the wild he is too tame. >> the education team are training him to be an ambassador bird. [laughter] he will be amazing.
6:56 am
>> reporter: 10,000 children come through every year to learn about penguins and other lessons carried out over the internet. >> a boy or a girl? >> we don't know yet. we are still waiting for the lab results to come back then we will know if it's a boy or girl. >>. educating young generations is important because african penguins are drastically low and fewer than 18,000 breeding pairs left in the wild. over fishing is one of the biggest factors behind their decline. >> it does mean that the adults have to travel further afield and have to expend more energy to try to find enough fish for themselves and their chicks. >> reporter: when the treasure sank off south africa coast in 2000, 19,000 birds effected and most were saved and oil spills remain a constant threat. the island is well-known for a penguin colony and tourists these days are more likely to see thousands of seals.
6:57 am
the island used to be home to hundreds of thousands of penguins and a combination of over fishing and oil spills means only about 600 breeding pairs left. in february a new dedicated penguin rehabilitation facility opened up the closest mainland point to the island. >> because with the african thing at the moment every bird counts. >> reporter: aside from rehabilitating birds penguin research will be carried out here and staff says we need to pay more attention to what declining numbers of bird life are telling us. >> they are a species in the sea and should taken note a long time ago there was something seriously wrong. >> reporter: like so many of the world eastern dangered species saving penguins is a race against time and environmental issues and moss move of all destruction by humans and the western cape south africa. and that is it for this news hour, i'll be back after the break with another bulletin of news. stay with us. ♪
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